Saman Emami

Orchestra leader, music composer, guitar player & professional

Saman Emami loved music since his childhood, finally he began to learn and study theory of music and playing guitar in his 15 age. His interest in rock music encouraged him to choose electric guitar as his expertise instrument. He began to learn piano and keyboard beside electric guitar and began to re-compose famous pieces of rock and pop music at the same periods.
At last, he experienced stage performance 19 age for the first time. Saman Emami cooperated with Hamid Hami, Niam Masiha, Hamid Khandan, Mani Rahnama, Khashayar Etemadi, Mojtaba Kabiri, Behnam Safavi and Mahan Bahramkhan; all known singers of the last Iranian pop music, from 1999 to 2000 as guitar player.
After that, Saman Emami joined Taraneh Sharghi Company and Aryan Band in 2000, Aryan Band was born in the decade of 1990 despite all restrictions of that time in Iranian music, and this Band was pioneer in pop music.
Presence of Saman Emami brought him popularity and fame and he made familiar with Mohsen Rajabpour (CEO of Taraneh Sharghi and manager of Aryan Band).
After ending his cooperation with Aryan Band, he began to compose the works of famous singers focusing on his instinct creativity and talent and became orchestra leader and at the same time continued playing on stage and studio.
One of his honor on that time, was selecting him as selected player of electric guitar in Fajr Music Festival and teaching guitar in Tehran Conservatoire University for two years.
Babak Jahanbakhsh, Seven Band and Ehsan khajeamiri are famous singers of Iranian pop that Saman Emami has experienced orchestra leading and playing with Babak Jahanbakhsh in 2006, Seven Band in 2007 from 1999 to 2013; for five years, on different stages of Iran and other countries like England, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, UAE and ….
But the peak of Saman Emami’s activity happened in composing and leading orchestra for “Hamed Homayoun”. He not only discovered the talent of Hamed Homayoun and introduced to Mohsen Rajabpour, but also was succeeded to create a new style in the first album of Hamed Homayoun by using his creativity and experiences in composing the works of the singers and playing in bands and different styles, and created a new wave in Iranian pop music.
Finally, the album of “Again Love” was broadcasted by singing and composing Hamed Homayoun and cooperation of Saman Emami with the label of Taraneh Sharghi on January 2017 and was introduced as bestselling of the music album in Iran by Beeptunes in 2016. As well as, the piece of “Wet Umbrella” of this album was visited by over 47 millions in internet, and it is the most hearing piece in the history of Iranian music.
Now, Saman Emami is under the attention of the musicians and critics and simultaneously, the majority of people are interested in his work. Saman Emami began concerts tours as orchestra leader, composer, player of keyboard and electric guitar beside Hamed Homayoun after publishing the album of “Again Love”, and he has performed on national and international stages more than 300 concerts in one year and has recorded the number if holding concert in one year for his name in Iran.
Saman Emami and Hamed Homayoun have performed concerts in most of the cities of Iran and also in England, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Armenia, Australia and Canada.
Cities like London, Manchester, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gutenberg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Yerevan, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver with their dreamy and nice salons have hosted the orchestra of Hamed Homayoun leading by Saman Emami.
The considerable point about Saman Emami is his presence over 2400 times on the stages as leader and player and player of Hamed Homayoun performance and other famous singers of Iranian pop music.
The other activity of Saman Emami is photography as he has done the photography of the album “Again Love”. Saman is creating new works now and is in the up and down route of music and we hope that his presence in Iranian pop music will be effective and will create happy moments for the audiences.