Mohsen Rajabpour

Mohsen Rajabpour
C.E.O & Head of Board

Mohsen Rajabpour,  the most famous music producer in Iran, was born on May 20, 1972.

He began his music activity after fulfillment of high school. He started his work by distribution of music albums in Lalezar since 1990. After a while, he played an important role in the field of music market on those days in producing works like songs of Hamid Gholami , Mohamadreza Eyvazi, Amir Tajik, Mohamad Esfahani, and …

Before these days, most Iranian music works were in traditional and folklore music and Rajabpour , by having different ideas and approaches, tried to introduce a new way in this relation.

Rajabpour announced his presence officially by incorporating Taraneh Sharghi Company in 1999 as music producer.

He took a huge action in the history of Iranian pop music by establishment music band at the presence of girls and boys and The Arian Band Band surprised public by its first album under the name of  “sun flower”.

The Arian Band started its abroad performance on the basis of Rajabpour’s attempts for the first time after revolution, as a pop band, after many performances in Tehran and other cities of Iran. The Arian Band continued its abroad performances from Manchester and London and European tour in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Stockholm. This popular band made a new records in Iran by its second album under the title of “And now love”, and traveled to Canada and performed successful performances in different cities of Canada. This band had performance in Dubai, Bahrain and Malaysia. One of the most important event of Iranian music happened by this band and by management of

Mohsen Rajabpour, Chris De Burg, popular singer of British who has the megahit pieces like Red in Lady, performed a common piece with The Arian Band band, under the name of “I love you” that was either in The Arian Band Band album and also in Chris De Burg album. Rajabpour also arranged the presence of  Chris De Burg in Iran that was the first presence of an international singed in Iran after revolution, and it was an important news in international level and attracted the attention of the important media and press of the world. Taraneh Sharghi, under management of Rajabpour, is active in the field of Children music, traditional and mixed music and has produced important works in this relation. But one of the most outstanding point in resume of Rajabpour-Taraneh Sharghi , after The Arian Band, is introducing a new star in Iranian music that changed the borders of making star in the level of music. Rajabpour introduced Vahid Bahadori whit the artistic name of Benyamin in 2005 who created a new record of sale in 2006 for the name of Taraneh Sharghi. Benyamin was the first pop music artist in Iran after revolution who had performance in USA and a great music tour in North America on May 2010. Rajabpour held the great tour of The Arian Band in America and Canada at the same year.

Babak Jahanbakhsh is the other popular face in pop music that Taraneh Sharghi has introduced him and his first album whit the name of “What’s matter” producing by Mohsen Rajabpour, supplied to the market of music.

Simultaneously whit pop music, Mohsen Rajabpour, as the first producer of music in private sector, has hel Iranian Majesty Orchestra at the presence of 70 players and also he has hold the great tour of “Madar Sefr Daraje (Zero Grade Circuit)” whit melody of Fardin Khalatbari, singing by Alireza Nouri in Tehran and other cities of Iran. Success of this Orchestra and outstanding management of Rajabpour caused that the management of National Iranian Orchestra was assigned to a manager of private sector for the first time. By three years activity of Mohsen Rajabpour in National Orchestra, several works from popular composers of Iranian music like Rouhollah Khaleghi, Ali Tajvidi, Hossein Alizadeh, Farhad Fakhreddini and… being performed in Tehran and other cities of Iran. As well as National Orchestra has many international performances in its resume and the golden time of National Iranian Orchestra was raised by presence of Rajabpour . The new season of the music activities of Rajabpour, was establishment a new project under the title of “Iranian music talents” focusing on his successful and long experience, deep recognition of music audiences in different social groups. One of the products of this new project is an artist as the name of Seyed Hamed Mahmoudzadeh who entered in music world under the artistic name of ” Hamed Homayoun” on March 01, 2016 and could changed to the new star in Iranian music within a short time under management of Rajabpour.

After that, publishing the first pieces of this singer began. The piece ” Wet umbrella” (singing by Hamed Homayoun and producing by Mohsen Rajabpour) in internet and social networks, was visited and heard over 47 million times, this means that “Wet umbrella” is the most hearing piece in the history of Iranian music.

The first album under the name of “Again Love” has 18 pieces singing by Hamed Homayoun, adjusting by Saman Emami and producing by Mohsen Rajabpour through Taraneh Sharghi Company in 2016 and it was introduced as the bestselling music album in Iran in 2016 by Beeptunes (The only online sale reference in Iran).

Mohsen Rajabpour has published nine single tracks of the voice of Hamed Homayoun in addition to the album of “Again love”.

The first concert of Hamed Homayoun began in January 2017 that its ticket was finished in less than one hour and after that, Mohsen Rajabpour decided to hold national and international concerts of Hamed Homayoun.

Taraneh Sharghi company whit management of Mohsen Rajabpour has arranged and performed 300 concerts in one year and broke the record of holding concert in Iran.

Hamed Homayoun’s concert in Iran is holding as two scenes per day and it was increased to three scenes in come cities like Semnan, Khoramabad and Arak.

Hamed Homayoun’s concerts has been hold in five continents of the world to present time and   cities like London, Manchester, Koln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Yerevan, Sydney, Brazen, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver in dreamy and nice salons.

At present, Mohsen Rajabpour is the chairman of the music producers union in Iran.

Mohsen Rajabpour is also CEO of Taraneh Sharghi company that artists like Alireza Ghorbani, Hamed Homayoun, Roozbeh Nematollahi , Amir Azimi and… are creating art works under his management and planning.

Mohsen, at present, is planning his strategy to introduce another two superstars to the sky of Iranian pop music and hopes to make the field of occupation of the young people and creating new works to give the message of love, hope and freshness to the society of Iran.