Hamed Homayoun

Hamed Homayoun

Seyed Hamed Mahmoodzadeh with the name of Hamed Homayoun was born at Shiraz on Feb. 08, 1982 and began playing guitar and piano, studying theory of music and exercising since his teenage and the same time continued to obtain experience in singing
And composing pop music and teaching solfage. After beginning the project of “Iranian music talents” in 2015 by Taraneh Sharghi Company, and introducing him by Saman Emami to this project, Hamed Homayoun began to be star in music by making use of the experiences of Mohsen Rajabpour (CEO of Taraneh sharghi and manager of Hamed Homayoun), creating cheer, energy and positive sense to the community was determined as his target and planning to record and broadcast album on the basis of this aim.

After publishing the first official album Hamed Homayoun under the name of “Again Love” by Taraneh Sharghi Company and welcoming of the public to this artist, his national and international concerts began and he perfumed over 300 concerts in different cities of Iran, Asia, Europe and America until the end of the current year.

Academic education
He has bachelor of Science in the field of Agriculture Engineering from Shiraz University.
Professional activities
Hamed Homayoun began his activity by singing and composing the melody of “The Rain that came” on the basis of his potential and talent, making use of Saman Emami’s technique, and as well as experiences of Mohsen Rajabpour.
The piece of “Wet Umbrella” was heard as unbelievable from, for over 47 millions time in internet that means “Wet Umbrella” is the most hearing piece in the history of Iranian music.
His first album under the name of “Again Love” has 18 tracks by singing and composing Hamed Homayoun, adjusting by Saman Emami, poems of Soheil Hosseini and Mohammadreza Nazari, producing by Mohsen Rajabpour in January 2017 by Taraneh Sharghi Company and it was introduced as the bestselling of music album in Iran in 2017 by Beeptunes.
In addition to the album of “Again Love”, Hamed Homayoun has published nine pieces with his voice single track.
The beginning of Hamed Homayoun performance was in 32nd Fajr Music Festival in pop section that all tickets were sold in less than one hour. After that, Mohsen Rajabpour decided to arrange national and international concerts for him.
Tarneh Sharghi company has designed and performed 300 concerts for Hamed Homayoun within one year and the record of concert in Iran was broken.
Concerts of Hamed Homayoun are holding as two scenes per day that they were performed for three scenes in some cities like Semnan, Khoramabad, and Arak.
Hamed Homayoun has performed concerts in England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Armenia, Australia and Canada to present time.
Hamed Homayoun has performed his concerts in the best salons in the world.
Cities like London, Manchester, köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gutenberg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Yerevan, Sydney, brisbane, Melbourne, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, And Vancouver, with their dreamy and nice salons have hosted the orchestra of Hamed Homayoun leading by Saman Emami.
Today, Hamed is creating new works as last times and we hope that he becomes an eternal name in Iranian pop music.