Amirhossein Tavasoli

Amirhossein Tavasoli
Taar & Setar Player

Date of Birth: 06/22/1994
I have been playing the Tar and Tanbur since the age of 6. After completing my formal education in music, at the age of 8 i won the first place at the Fajr music festival in Tehran (playing the Tanbur), I worked with different bands like Ghasedak as Tar player, Naerika as Daf player, Mojeno orchestra, and etc while teaching in different music institues like Parmida, Nava, Darkub. also i’ve transcribed and written the notation part of the “New Style of Dafe playing” books by Masoud Habibi.
Musical Qualification:
Trained by famouse music teachers/
Milad Derakhshani, ImprovisingTar
Shahram Mirjalali , Tar
Local (2006-2017):
– Electric guitar: Alan Barsekhian
– Daf: Alireza Tavasoli
– Santoor: Shahram Tavasoli
– Setar: Milad Derakhshani
Live Performance
Bands/Singers in which I have played over last 2 years
Out of my country :
Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg 2017
Netherland, (Amsterdam) 2017
Germany, (Hamburg, Cologne, Frakfurt) 2017
England, London, Manchester 2017
Australia, Sydney & Melbourne, Brisbane 2017
Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary 2018
and more
Inside the country:
In Tehran:
Fusion, Traditional, Pop concerts for several times since 2014- Present
Out of Tehran:
Traditional, Fusion , Pop concerts since 2014-Present in Kish island, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Gorgan, Zahedan, Rasht, Sary, Tabriz, Qazvin, Karaj , Bandar- Abbas, Abadan, Sirjan, etc
Experience in teaching:
Tar Teacher, 2010-Present
Tanbur 2004 to present
I’ve played in more than 50 single tracks for several Artists such as:
Hamed Homayoun
Hamed Hakan
Metro 33 band
Morteza Taghizadeh
3DF Band
Ali Raha
And etc
My own instrumental experiences Tracks