Alireza Kebriaei

Alireza Kebriaei
Sound Engineer

holder of skill certificate of sound recording and work with mixers of sound craft company, model of Vi6 in 2011
b.a.in power electricity from Islamic azad university , Saveh branch from 2009-2010
higher diploma in architecture from university of applied sceince and technology from 2013-2014.
Member of board of directors of Pishgaman Sedaye Sahne CO. that this company is formal agent of European companies such as Italian sound recording equipment and speakers of outline, formal agent of Spanish company of chair producer, Euro seating, formal agent of German company of cable producer, klotz, and formal agent of Italian company of producer of light equipment, Arenaluci that all above cases as documentary will be observable in formal websites of companies.
*this company has undertaken to design audio-visual and decorative equipment of Azadi cinema of Tehran and Iranian Arikeh complex, cinema complex of Mellat Pardis ,cinema complex of Zendegi Pardis , cinema complex of Ivan Shams, complex of hotel and concert saloon of Spinas palace and also, build and design new multi-purpose saloon of Mahak charity institute.
*equip and rent audio and light and visual equipment to perform different concerts all over Iran.
Such as : *concerts of Farzad Farzin in all years of artistic activities in Iran.
*concerts of dr. Mohammad Esfahani in all years of artistic activities in Iran.
*concerts of Alireza Assar in all years of artistic activities in Iran.
*concerts of Aaryan GROUP in all years of artistic activities in Iran.
*concerts of Benyamin Bahadori in all years of artistic activities in Iran.
*concerts of Ehsan Khajeh Amiri in years of 2010 to 2012.
*concerts of Hamid Asgari in years of 2014 to 2015.
*concerts of Chartar Group in years of 2015 to 2016.
*concerts of Hamid Asgari in years of 2013 to 2014.
*concerts of Fereidoun Asraei in recent years
*concerts of Iranian national orchestra with different conductors in Tehran, shiraz and Isfahan
*Concerts Of Hamed Homayoun from early to date in Iran and outside of Iran such as Canada (cities of Vancouver, Toronto , Montreal, Calgary)
,Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne), and Iran (all cities)
*design and equip cinema and , multi-purpose saloons of complex of Aftab city of Shiraz in recent year
*perform about 400 show times of concerts inside Iran or outside of Iran , only with Hamed Homayoun
*perform about 3000 to 4000 show times of concerts from early to date
monthly income: from Pishgaman Sedaye Sahne CO., about 2 million Tomans
from renting equipment for concert and seminar ,12 million Tomans
work relation with hamed Homayoun
personal sound recorder of Hamed Homayoun , whether in part of concert saloon (Foh men)
personal lighting operator of Hamed Homayoun in all performed concerts
*Ability to work with mixers of today’s sound recording of the world such as sound craft, Studer, Midas, Venue, Ssl Live, Digico
*Ability to work with today’s lighting equipment of the world such as dastlight, grand M.A, Arenaluci, light Peter, Martin.