Iranian Music Talent

Lyric, Melody and Arrangement’s Talent Project
All enthusiasts in the field of songwriting, composing, arranging and mixing and mastering are invited to make their works.
The following attributes are adhered to in the Secretariat of the Iranian Music Talent Project.   ترانه سرایی   آهنگسازی   تنظیم



Understanding and mastering the blood vessels, weight, rhymes and literary arrays
Familiarity with various structures of Persian poetry (Ghazal, Qaside, Ruba’i …)
Creating Creativity and Innovation and Sophistication in Subjects
Ability to spatiote and subject
Lack of copy, objective impression and duplicate effect



Mastery and familiarity with the theory of music
Creating creativity and innovation (lack of copy, objective impression and duplication effect)
Mastery and familiar with Harmony and Controversy, Form and Orchestration



Creativity, innovation and new look to produce effects
Understanding and mastering chordology and harmony
Understanding Types of Music and Rhythms
Ability to set different styles
Adequate mastery of music day knowledge and familiarity with professional software
Failure to copy, repeat, visualize, and create repetitive tasks
A different and new style in all the topics presented


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